The PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust

As a fully independent, single-payer trust -- a separate, non-profit legal entity -- the PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust's assets are dedicated to providing PAISBOA (Philadelphia Area Independent School Business Officers Association) members with high-quality health plans at affordable rates. 

The Trust exists to provide the following unique benefits:

  • Protection from volatility due to pooling of claims and premium contributions.

  • Rate stability and proven better-than-market trends.

  • A broad selection of plans, including medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision benefits. 

  • Telemedicine for medical and mental health services.

  • Robust wellness programs including nutrition counseling, access to emotional well-being tools, fitness reimbursement, smoking cessation, and more. 

  • Dedicated customer service support helpline.

While the Trust has been established by its member institutions, it is governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees who are elected by the members to ensure that all the needs of all of the enrolled participants are represented. 

The PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust continues to grow, with a current membership of more than 130 independent schools, covering over 9,000 employees representing close to 17,000 covered lives. In fact, the Trust's geographic presence has recently expanded outside of the Philadelphia region to include several schools in central and western Pennsylvania.